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Introduction To Optical Mineralogy Nesse Pdf Download

This module is intended as an introduction to applied optical microscopy for a petrology course, so it does not include ALL possible ways of using a petrographic microscope to analyze minerals and rocks.

introduction to optical mineralogy nesse pdf download

The study of minerals using optical techniques, principally employing a petrographie microscope, is most commonly undertaken to obtain information such as mineral identity, chemical composition and structural state, and growth and strain history. While this information often can be obtained by other more sophisticated techniques such as X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, and electron microscopy, the methods of optical mineralogy have the advantage that they are simple, inexpensive, reliable, reasonably accurate, and require small samples. In addition, optical examination of mineral samples is typically required before the more sophisticated techniques are employed, and optical identification of minerals is routinely done in the study of rocks and mineral deposits.

This webpage provides a compilation of on-line instructional resources and teaching activities related to Optical Mineralogy and Petrography. This site is intended for a) students, who desire to review the principles and methods of optical mineralogy and petrography, and b) faculty who seek instructional materials and activities to support their own teaching of these subjects.


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