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Hizashi No Naka No Real Walkthrough 228

It is not the intention of the Game fan to reveal sensitive information. It is only for you guys to understand how it works. This is NOT a long term succesful way to exploit this vulnerability for profit. Note that the full version contains pictures of real NAKA and HIZASHI. You need to view all of them without the interstitial pages you can see in the short version.

Hizashi No Naka No Real Walkthrough 228

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The premise of Hizashi no Naka no Riaru is simple -- you molest the daughter of your mother's friend, an underaged girl whom you're charged with babysitting. The game eventually allows you to even have sex with her, but this simple demo release doesn't include anything past second base yet. So far, players can only move around the victim's legs and fondle her using the touchscreen. Hitting R cycles through three different scenes, all of which show the girl asleep and unable to fight off your guilty, lecherous hands.At its current state, the homemade project doesn't feature anything more sinister than what you'd find in the commercially released Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. That statement won't stay true for long, however, if the programmer decides to continue working on the port. If you'd rather not have any traces of the ROM on your hard drive for when the police kick down your door and comb through everything for incriminating evidence, you can check out the gallery below for a few screenshots from the limited demo. As with the game, the images are NSFW.See also: Naughtiness on the Nintendo DS %Gallery-14646%[Via Dev-fr ]


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