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Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Fairytales and folkloric storytelling can enchant and excite, following a formula that always begins: "Once upon a time". The outrageous, unbelievable, magical or ludicrous themes that follow are defended in a simple phrase, coercing the listener to suspend disbelief from the outset. Given that the first line an audience hear from a film is its title, the inclusion of 'Once Upon A Time' heralds fantastical things to come.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Examining the best films with 'Once Upon A Time' titles doesn't fail to surprise and delight. There's a wealth of genres covered in "Once Upon A Time" films - from a Western to a Bollywood musical; kung fu masters, mobsters, murderers and movie stars all make an appearance. Exploring films which have ranked highly for critics and audiences alike, the best films set 'once upon a time' elicit wonderment, presenting storytelling at its best.

The use of "once upon a time" in the title flags that a fictional version of events will follow - yet the notion of fairytale fare is subverted through a gruesome climax. The mix of fictional and historical characters in the film further blurs the lines of reality, making space for fact and fiction to live side-by-side. The film earned 85% on the Tomatometer, and a modest 70% audience score.

Co-winner of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix, Once Upon A Time in Anatolia follows a police chief, doctor, prosecutor, suspects and diggers searching for a body in the vast countryside. Championing the concept of storytelling that accompanies the 'once upon a time' title, the men tell stories along the way, playing into the fairytale theme despite dire circumstances and surroundings.

Belini's story comes full circle as El Mariachi and General Marquez meet once again. This time, though, the stakes are far more personal. This isn't only about the safety of Mexico and its government, but it's also about vengeance and retribution for Carolina and her daughter. The two stare down each other, exchanging civil trash talk, which is a welcome change. However, El Mariachi wastes no time, refusing to turn this into a drawn-out affair and blowing off the general's kneecaps with his first move. He stands over the wounded Marquez and pulls the trigger one last time, sending his nemesis straight to Hell without the need to ask for directions. 041b061a72


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