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Eventually, they build a fort made out of couch pillows and announce that Robin is not allowed inside. Cyborg and Starfire are having a tea-party inside the fort, but Robin decides to talk with them about their innocent childish behavior. He tells them that if they don't heed his warning, the consequences will be highly extreme (eggs-streme for egg puns). In an attempt to avoid this, Robin tries to stop them from exiting the Tower, but they trick into looking away while they escape the tower and continue their fun outside. Robin next finds them in the bathroom face-painting each other's faces. Robin quickly erases their Joker-like face-paint. However, he discovers that their inner child experiences have already made them even much younger. Cyborg and Starfire don't believe him, and just as they are about to go back outside and drink some hose water, Robin tries to stop them again so he can examine them more under isolation. Yet Starfire tells him to catch them first, as they run around the living room. When Beast Boy and Raven enter, wondering about all the noise, Robin explains the situation to them, but Beast Boy remarks that it's more like a game of "Hide and Seek".

hose teen


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Fourteen officers with the Salinas Police Department responded around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday to a report of a man armed with a knife on a neighborhood sidewalk.

Rudin said they moved the bed away from the wall and started pouring buckets and jugs of water, ice tea and any non-flammable liquid they could find, on it. they moved the bed away from the wall and started pouring buckets and jugs of water, ice tea and any non-flammable liquid they could find, on it. "That wasn't working so we grabbed a garden hose," he said.

Campers are taught the basics of firefighting operations, including CPR and first aid, fire apparatus, hose line operations, personal protective equipment, ground and aerial ladder operations and self-contained breathing apparatus. In addition to firefighting basics, campers will receive training in emergency situations such as vehicle extrication, airplane fires, rope rescue and wilderness search and rescue.

Three critically injured teens were rescued from a burning car wreck by quick thinking residents in Beach Channel yesterday, averting a greater tragedy after the car they had stolen smashed into a subway trestle, police said. 041b061a72


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