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Hi everyone, a few months back, I started receiving calls from a collection agency about a debt I had no knowledge of. According to them, I owed a substantial amount to a credit card company. But I never had an account with that specific credit card company.

Initially, I thought it might be a mistake, so I requested detailed information about the alleged debt. To my surprise, they couldn't provide any concrete evidence or documentation. They just kept insisting that I owed them money.

Feeling frustrated and concerned about the impact on my credit score, I decided to do some digging on my own. After reaching out to the supposed credit card company directly, I learned that they had no record of any account under my name.

Now, I'm left wondering can I sue for false debt collection? I've spent hours trying to resolve this issue, and it's affecting my peace of mind and financial stability. Has anyone faced a similar situation, and if so, what steps did you take? I'd really appreciate any advice or guidance on how to proceed in dealing with this situation.


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