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Shostakovich Jazz Suite 2 Score Pdf Download [WORK]

The contrast in approach is nowhere more apparent than in how thetwo catalogues treat a problem piece, an eight-movement work that was longmisidentified as "Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 2." After thediscovery of the piano score of the genuine second jazz suite, athree-movement original composition dating from the 1930s, the eight-movementsuite was re-classified as a compilation of arrangements from film andincidental music from the 1950s. It was designated (and published in volume33 of the New Collected Works) as "Suite for Variety [Stage]Orchestra." Deferring to the precedent of its performing and recordinghistory, Hulme chose to reaffirm the erroneous attribution. The Sikorskicatalogue did not. It identifies both works with their correct titles and inproper chronological context. (The correction is all the more commendablebecause it comes at a price: Sikorski has been a major publisher of thepopular Variety Suite under its now discarded title.)

Shostakovich Jazz Suite 2 Score Pdf Download

Inevitably, as with any project of this detail, the catalogueunder review contains some errors and omissions. Shostakovich'sThirteenth Symphony does not have a subtitle. 'Babi Yar' is thetitle of the first movement, taken from the Yevtushenko poem of which it is asetting. That it is attributed here as the subtitle of the symphony as awhole is a mistake common to most sources on the composer. The omissionsresult mostly from recent discoveries and new attributions. While the Suiteon Finnish Themes, uncovered recently, receives a full entry, several otherworks do not. Most important among them is the composer's music to theunfinished animated film, The Tale of the Priest and his Servant, Balda, op.36. Contrary to the information provided here (p. 57), the score is not lost.Consisting of a total of 29 numbers, of which 11 were found only in pianoscore and have been orchestrated by a Shostakovich student, Vadim Bibergan,Shostakovich's music for this film has recently been released on aDeutsche Grammophon compact disc (B00006507-02). The opera by Sofia Khentovaand the suite compiled by Gennadi Rozhdestvensky that are accorded fullentries in the catalogue (p. 58-60) are both derivative works that properlybelong in the list of arrangements.

Dependent as it is for its facts on secondary sources, theSikorski catalogue cannot be regarded as an authoritative,"scholarly" work. Such a resource for Shostakovich--one that is theculmination of original research and independent verification--remains in thefuture. Bearing that caveat in mind, this catalogue is the first source toconsult when looking for information about Shostakovich's scores. And,if the absence of the indices isn't considered a drawback, thechronological index of works (pp. 1-164) that forms the core of the cataloguecan be freely downloaded as a PDF file from the publisher's website: content/downloads/schostakowitsch-pdf.pdf.


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