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Zompiercer Free Download (v11.0)

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Zompiercer Free Download (v11.0)

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Zompiercer is a zombie survival shooter that uses a first-person perspective where players survive in a world full of dangerous and unique mutated zombies who have lost their humanity and are left with only the instinct to crave flesh and blood. You wake up after the night shift, but the whole city has become different, and you wake up from the sound of whistles and shooting. A sudden disaster has taken over your shelter, and you can only hurriedly pack up your supplies and equipment, and then travel by train, which has become your safe haven and your only shelter in the world. You need to collect useful resources while this train is on the way. It's also not an easy task to fight the zombies you encounter on your journey. Survive in this world and find out why these zombies suddenly become aggressive and gradually developing wisdom. The game is priced at 70 yuan on steam, and now Xiaobian brings it is a Zoomiercer cracked version download, no need to pay to play for free, download the site to provide a compression package after decompression can be played directly, like the small partner can download the experience on this site. 041b061a72


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