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Bathroom Decorating Ideas 'LINK'

As one of the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better bloggers, my challenge this month is about updating and decorating my bathroom, which I knew would be easy with all the simple, affordable and beautiful bathroom accessories from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.

bathroom decorating ideas

Light blue tiles and white patterned marble delightfully contrast one another, with dark charcoal grey flooring evoking a sense of tranquil luxury. Inspired by traditional design elements, this large bathroom uses multiple materials to create a one-of-a-kind environment.

Because there is limited décor in a minimalist space, everything must be functional and of particular importance. For an easy bathroom décor idea, try using existing amenities or foliage. This modern bathroom utilizes a stack of pure white folded towels next to a tropical houseplant as decorative accents on the deck of the bathtub. The black handshower serves as a striking shower décor idea, finishing this functionally elegant bathroom in style.

Harkening back to the Victorian era, brass is seeing a resurgence in popularity with a modern approach. Whether allowed to age and patina over time or polished to restore its luster, Unlacquered Brass is versatile enough to work on a variety of forms and appeals to a number of different aesthetics. Discover all Unlacquered Brass bathroom fixtures from KALLISTA.

Nero Marquina marble is an elegant stone that features a deep, black field interrupted by crisp white veining for a dramatic display of color. Add hints of this material throughout your bathroom to create a sense of contemporary urban luxury. With its sleek form and Nero Marquina handles, the One Decorative sink faucet by KALLISTA will make a statement in any modern bathroom setting.

Traditionally styled bathrooms are private retreats that can be lavishly over-the-top in terms of design. Ornate wallpaper, finely-crafted brass faucets, and a houseplant in a white pot bring a sense of subtle elegance to this space.

Sometimes, all you need to tie your bathroom design together is a simple display of flowers in a slender vase. Mixed materials and brassware adorn this bathroom in functional elegance, while flora and fauna add a touch of nature to the sleek environment.

Traditional design style is refined and comforting, making it ideal for those who appreciate detailed antiques, symmetry, classic forms, and décor with a warm, inviting feel. This pleasant bathroom features an ornamental mirror outlined in gold, coordinating with a sink faucet flanked by cross handles. The same light-golden tone is incorporated throughout to maintain a unified look, including in the picture frames, towel hook, and light fixtures.

One method for decorating your traditional style bathroom is coordinating the finish of your sink pipes and console table legs with the rest of your hardware. This modern industrial design uses gold hardware to make an elegant statement.

Reflective finishes add striking brilliance to bathroom sink faucets. Polished Chrome by KALLISTA features a cool, blue-silver chrome coloration and sparkling, high-luster finish that captures the reflections of the surrounding environment.With soft edges, knurling details, and polished cross handles, the Bellis Noble faucet will enhance the look of any traditional bathroom setting.

Bring character into your guest bathroom with floral wallpaper, a cross-handle faucet, and a wicker storage container atop the toilet. The pedestal sink serves as a space-saving and stylish option for compact bathrooms.

Shapes and patterns are commonly utilized in traditional and transitional interiors to create a sense of charm and personality. This black and white bathroom uses a mirror with decorative framing and wallpaper with squiggly patterns for a unique result.

Sometimes, simple bathroom vase décor ideas can have a major impact. White flowers in a goblet-style vase sit next to the gooseneck faucet and lever handle, while blue and white speckled wallpaper adds a cool and comfortable element to this environment.

Baths used by adults (either parents or guests) and children require some finessing. If this is your situation, the best decorating approach may be grownup but casual. Fussy draperies and delicate, glamorous accessories would be out of place here, but timeless materials and casually elegant touches can please adults and survive the kids, too. A washable poly/rayon shower curtain with the look of raw silk; granite, marble, or ceramic tiles; and washable walls painted with a faux finish design would do the job nicely.

Today's families appreciate the value of universal design ideas like these that make a small-fry spa just as useful when Grandma arrives for the weekend. When it comes to the bathroom, safety is always in style. Get tips on both from the pages in this article.

Heidi Tyline King is an accomplished writer and editor. She has written extensively about America's arts, culture, history, nature-based attractions, and decorating projects, including All About Paint and Wallpaper, Beautiful Wedding Crafts, Pelican Guide to the Florida Panhandle, The Unofficial Guide to the Southeast with Kids, and others.

The custom shower curtain is another way to make a small bathroom look fabulous, rustic cabin feel or not! It works for any decor. I can do a tutorial on how to make this shower curtain situation work later if you want? I mixed a lightweight chambray denim with the flannel plaid and love the way the two feel together.

If you're like Team Maykke, you take Halloween pretty seriously. If you're hosting a party this year, we've got some Halloween decorating ideas to get your house in the spooky spirit. And since we're a bathroom furnishings company, we wanted to make a special note to include the room in the house your guests will definitely visit. Whether your decorations aim for chilling or cute, nothing ruins the effect more than stepping into a totally normal bathroom after going all-out in the rest of your house. Read on for some Halloween bathroom decorating ideas from the Maykke office and beyond.

This window cling may be stuck on our customer service office, but we promise our CS team members are actually very nice! Stick a bloody handprint window cling to your bathroom window or mirror for a horrifying decoration that peels right off. You can pick up a pack at any Halloween store, or you can make DIY bloody handprint window clings just as easily.

A really easy Halloween decorating tip involves filling your tub with fake blood. However, you probably don't want to see your gorgeous Maykke tub in such a stage, even if it is temporary. Get a little more creative. Place a bunch of orange, yellow, and red Christmas lights in the bottom of your tub. With the shower curtain drawn and the lights glowing, it'll look like your tub opens an entrance to a different dimension.

We love this simple Halloween decorating idea in our marketing team office. Our graphic designer printed off some black and white images of sea monster skeletons. Then she placed them in fanciful paper frames and hung them from the ceiling. The skeletons are definitely scary, but there's something elegant about them as well.

Check out the nail job on this prop coming out of our e-commerce office. Pick one of these beauties up from your local Halloween store. A discombobulated hand crawling out from under the door, or hanging out of your vanity drawer, is a quick yet effectively scary Halloween decoration for your bathroom.

Our product designers design excellent bathroom furnishings, but they also crafted this super cute paper lantern spider. All you need is a black paper lantern, black party streamers, googly eyes, and two white paper triangles to make the teeth. Hang this charming Halloween decoration from the ceiling and you're set.

If your spider gets lonely up there on the ceiling, give him some friends! These guys look especially good hanging at different lengths around your mirror. If you want a cute Halloween decoration for your bathroom, these cheesecloth ghosts are extremely easy to make. We got the image and tutorial from

We hope these Halloween decorating bathroom ideas get your total-house transform off to a spooky start! If you have any tips for decorating your bathroom for Halloween, give us your best party ideas in the comments.

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Throw away the old boring notion of simply using tiles for bathroom decor, there are many other ways to add personality and style to your bathroom. In this article, we will explore some simple and affordable ideas for breathing new life into your bathroom walls.

It is amazing what difference a new wall texture can make to the look of any room. While some bathrooms are marble from floor to ceiling, others have just tiles to cover one or two walls. Anything goes. We love the diverse wall styles in the room above.

If you have the wall space, consider hanging some artwork above your bathroom sink or over the toilet to complete your decorating scheme. This is also a great way to put up family photos or cool posters without compromising on style. The Displate marketplace has a lot of great landscape posters that fit perfectly into any bathroom theme.

Many people choose to tile an entire bathroom, but if there is one wall that stands out because it is not tiled you could install wallpaper or paint this area for a simple accent that will make a huge difference.

These Bohemian gold plates are an incredible decor element. Some can be found in rustic crochet basket form. Be on the lookout for unique elements like this to add a touch of individuality to your bathroom walls.

Cabinet mirrors can give your bathroom an illusion of space. They can be installed above the sink to give your guests a better view of their reflection, while at the same time freeing up much-needed counter space. 041b061a72


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