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Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh, like many of his class and time, hadbeen a free-thinker, and the rooms downstairs abounded in bold andenlightening books. I was allowed to borrow volumes and carrythem off to my room. Then or later, I cannot now recall when, Iimproved my halting French with Voltaire's lucid prose, I read suchbooks as Vathek and Rasselas, I nibbled at Tom Paine, I devouredan unexpurgated Gulliver's Travels and I found Plato's Republic.That last was a very releasing book indeed for my mind, I had learntthe trick of mocking at law and custom from Uncle Williams and,if anything, I had improved upon it and added caricature to quaintwords, but here was something to carry me beyond mockery. Herewas the amazing and heartening suggestion that the whole fabric[107]of law, custom and worship, which seemed so invincibly established,might be cast into the melting pot and made anew.

Kate Atkinson A God In Ruins Epub Download Books

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I have already said that I cannot clearly remember when it wasthat I read Plato's Republic. But it was somewhen before I went toLondon and it was in summer time, because I remember lying onthe grass slope before a little artificial ruined tower that, in the truespirit of the eighteenth century, adorned the brow of the Up ParkDown overlooking Harting. The translation of the Dialogues, wasall by itself in a single green bound volume, happily free from Introductionor Analysis. I must have puzzled over it and skipped andgone to and fro in it, before its tremendous significance camethrough. A certain intellectual snobbishness in me may have helpedme to persevere. And associated with it, because of its fermenting influenceupon my mind, is a book of a very different calibre, a six-pennypaper-covered edition of Henry George's Progress and Povertywhich I bought in a newspaper shop in Midhurst. This last was,I suppose, published by some propagandist Single Tax organization.These two books caught up and gave substance to a drift of dispositions[141]and desires in my mind, that might otherwise have dispersedand left no trace.


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