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Octapad Software Free Download For Windows 7l

Hello, not to seem like im hugely moaning about a free piece of software, but i seem to be having issues with running the plug in on logic 9 on 10.9.5.Ive copied the .component across to the plug in/components folder and re-started logic, its found the instrument but no notes are making any sounds?Any ideas? Thanks very much. It looks great

Octapad Software Free Download For Windows 7l

The program features 100 high quality sound samples, which range from a kick drum, a snare drum, open and closed hi-hats, ride and crash cymbals, a bongo, a gong, and even a cowbell. Any drummer will have everything they need to get started on their own digital drum tracks. The original DrumPads can be downloaded as freeware, while the more advanced version is available for a fee.


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