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The Mental Game Of Poker 2 PDF

The Mental Game of Poker 2 describes psychological strategies and theories from the foundational book of Jared Tendler, which was the first to talk about the fight against tilt, and thereby, helped many players to eliminate mental leaks from their game.

The Mental Game Of Poker 2 PDF

While the first volume is devoted to the cope with tilt, the second volume is more multifaceted. The book offers proven strategies in order to play poker longer and at a big number of tables online; improve the decision-making process; learn faster; eliminate the erroneous C-game; increase focus and discipline.

Both books on the mental side of poker will bring great benefit to any player, with the right approach and thoughtful reading. They will help to significantly improve the efficiency of the game and make it more convenient.

Tilt is my weakest spot in poker. I've been playing for about 6 years and still go on tilt when losing big. I've already read the first part and must say the book is really useful for such players as me. This part is different, it's more focused ob how to make decisions at the table faster, but is great as well.

In The Mental Game of Poker 2, author and renowned poker mental game coach Jared Tendler breaks down the zone and delivers actionable steps to help players get there consistently. He demystifies the zone, and for the first time, brings logic and order to this previously misunderstood concept. This book provides proven strategies to: 350c69d7ab


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