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Uncontrollable Wetting And Messing.mp3

HI. As a person, who is reeeeaally turned on hypnosis things and used to try many of relaxing wet tracks, I can tell you that first one has no effect at all, and the second one can build the desperation, but not a release. Wanna make yourself very wet? Try site warpmymind and tracks "Wet Echo" from Allison and crazy strong "uncontrollable pee pants".

Uncontrollable Wetting and Messing.mp3


Just listened to this now. Wow. I've listened to a few of these things, but Wet Echo has been my favorite so far. I completely soaked myself. It was a slow, drawn out wetting, that felt amazing and seemed to just keep flowing. I didn't try to stop peeing either!

I like to do meditation wettings sonetimes. Like a guided relaxing meditation with my bf, and when I feel super relaxed, I'll just let go under the covers and totally wet myself. Its really awesome ? I'll have to give one of this wetting hypnosis a try sometime!

Thanks for posting this "Wet Echo" I kind of like experimenting this with this kind of things myself! I have tried some of the male hands free cum trance sexual one's I had good success with the "Jackpot" Series by Isabela Valentine. Mind I have to say I don't like wetting the bed never did as a child the very few odd times this happened I find that kind of scary still today . But thought I would give this ago. So I took the added protection of wearing a Tena men's active brief under my satin Pyjama shorts I sometimes wear Tena Active briefs on long winter kayak paddles under a dry-suit that is nigh impossible to get out of quickly on your own. The last wee I had was well before 8:00 pm I went to bed a 10:00pm when with my sleep headphones on I started listening to this "Wet Echo" I often listen to some of the ASMR YouTubes which make me relaxed I wish that lovely young Russian Valeriya would do some naughty wetting ASMRs I dream about that young YouTube beauty weeing her panties! But I digress and since and for many years now since losing my wife I find sleep hard sometimes so these ASMR have helped. The "Wet Echo" started well for me I seemed to get very relaxed and in a trance like state very quickly not sure maybe due to the fact that I had done the more sexual type before but this "Wet Echo" gave me a ragging hard on which felt interesting in the Tena Active briefs! but soon after, I must have gone into to much of a trance like state as I just slipped of to sleep it must have been a deep sleep I awoke up at 5:30 am With another hard on but this time the reason was I was just busting for a wee my Tena pants were still dry so I must have just gone off to sleep half way thought the "Wet Echo" Mind I was kind of pleased as for an oldy that meant I had gone nine and half hours with out a wee! I did not think I could still do that. Might try the "Wet Echo" again. Kev. 041b061a72


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