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[S1E13] Totally Clean

They mystery of Max Rager might not be totally done with, so this is a tentative awful. But if tonight's episode was truly the end of the line for the nefarious energy drink company, then.... lame! So much time and so many characters were sacrificed on the Max Rager altar, and it would be a shame to see it resolved so easily.

[S1E13] Totally Clean

Meanwhile, at Olivia's apartment, Ella plays dress-up with her aunt's clothes and jewelry. Rachel Dunham tells her to go wash up, and pulls an engagement ring off of Ella Blake's finger -- it's Olivia's. Rachel pries, and Olivia comes clean about John Scott - how he betrayed both her and his country. As the two discuss their failed relationships, Olivia gets the call about the plane crash.

Olivia returns to Broyle's office to show him the disks and asks permission to exhume John Scott's body. She believes John was working with Bowman and Hicks and that John may have a glass disk on his body too. Broyles tells her that's not possible, because he hasn't been totally forthright with Olivia about John - he was never buried.

When Dean is handed his cup of coffee, he glances down at the cup and the saucer and the little spoon, and his brow wrinkles a bit, maybe intimidated by the sheer DETAIL in that cup of coffee, and he feels out of place with it in his hands, and he glances over at Sam quickly to see how Sam is dealing with it (Sam has no problem with the cup of coffee, and looks totally at home holding it), and then Dean quietly puts the coffee mug on the table beside him without taking a sip.

15th sceneThe entire exposition of the entire episode is placed in the totally capable hands of Kathleen Noone. She has a giant monologue. GIANT. I find it hard to follow, at times: wait, who is Martin? Who is Cyrus? Help me? But she fills it with such agony, 40 years of keeping a secret, that she is nothing less than heartbreaking. 041b061a72


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