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Download Bed Wars APK and Play with Friends on Sky Islands

This is a bedwars map app for minecraft. You can select the best Bedwards maps and install them in a few clicks! Use bed wars maps for minecraft to play with friends on servers or alone.The application will allow you to download maps for minecraft and install them very quickly!Bed wars is a survival game. You have to play Minecraft and look for free beds. As soon as night falls, you must go to bed. If you do not, defeat in bed wars awaits you. Fight with other players for free beds. You can also optionally install the Bedwars mod in Minecraft to take full advantage!The application will allow you to download maps for minecraft Bedwars. You will be available 8 new maps for minecraft bedwars. You can install all the cards or select several. Download maps using the Bedwars maps app for Minecraft - BeWars! Good game!NOTE: THIS APP IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.

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